The Gorilla Silverback ATV Mud Tire is easy to describe. It's simply the most aggressive ATV tire in the world. There is NO other tire on the market that compares to the size, tread, sidewall wrap, design, cleaning properties, and sheer "BADNESS" of the Silverback.
Silverbacks have a 6-ply rating and can withstand all the abuse that you want to throw at them. The Silverback lug wraps ALL THE WAY to the bead on both sides and allows you to get traction in ruts when ALL other tires just leave you hanging.

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Mud Lite offers cutting edge technology, all around performance, long distance durability, and a smooth ride combined at one great price! Their design results from extensive hours of computer-aided engineering. These ATV Tires are a revolutionary design for all-conditions, yet can perform when conditions get slippery


The ATV industry's largest tire ever! All the benefits of the standard Mud Lites but with a taller profile and super-aggressive 1.3-inch-deep lugs making this is an extreme tire for extreme machines in the most extreme conditions!
Standard Mud Lite features included are phenomenal all-conditions traction and handling, exceptional 6-ply durability and a smooth, radial-like ride. These tires are surprisingly light and work best for highly modified, big-bore 4x4 ATVs operating primarily in muddy conditions. Gives them a “wow factor” like nothing else!


This tire is built super strong with 6 Ply construction for longer wear and rugged durability! It has a rim guard that protects your wheel from dings and dents while also preventing dirt from wedging between the tire and rim. This tires has a wide open, extra deep two stage lug and super aggressive, self cleaning tread pattern for unmatched traction and handling when the going gets Tuff! Specifically designed tread pattern constructed to flex more in mud accumulating areas. This is one of the largest all terrain ATV tires available.


The 6-ply rated "Outlaw" was designed to be durable and puncture resistant, but 3-4 pounds lighter than most tires to maximize horsepower.
The tread bar design features a rounded tip, paddle-like, cupped lug and is a full 1-1/4" deep for improved traction. The cupped lugs help propel the ATV forward as opposed to cutting through the mud and digging a hole like some sharp tread tip competitor tires do. The "Outlaw" design also puts more rubber on the ground for longer tire life, and resistance to tread tears and tip wear. The design includes a large and unrestricted space between the lugs for superior self-cleaning capabilities.

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The ultimate ATV mud tire is here. The Mudzilla features an aggressive look with pyramid-shaped tread blocks and long biting lugs. Built to ride in and through mud, the Mudzilla applies equally biting traction in the sloppiest conditions.
  • Massive tread bars give maximum traction in mud and a smooth ride on hardpack surfaces
  • Specifically designed tread pattern constructed to flex more in mud accumulating areas
  • 6-ply rating for worry-free puncture resistance
  • Tire offers rim guard for maximum wheel protection


When you’re looking for superb mud traction combined with outstanding trail riding characteristics, choose the MU01 Zilla Front & MU02 Zilla Rear. Light and fast, the Zilla delivers a smooth ride even on rough trails.  
  • Extremely lightweight design provides quicker acceleration and mudslinging traction with great braking power
  • Added center tread for smoother ride on trails
  • Predictable high-speed performance
  • Durable 6-ply rating


Super ATV's Terminator tire is hands down the most aggressive mud tires on the market. Measuring a TRUE 29.5" or 32", the Terminator has the ability to take you where other tires can only dream of going.
The Terminator's 6 Ply construction is designed for ultimate off-road performance, guarding against all the thorns and terrain you can put it through. With its angled tread design, the tire diverts mud away for improved grip and traction.
* 6 Ply ratings
* 2" tread depth
* Load Capacity : 585 @ 7 psi
* Unmatched grip when the going gets tough
* Built in rim guard to protect wheels from dings and dents
* Unique tapered treat for self cleaning
Tire is not recommended for hard pack riding.


Super ATV's dominator tire is designed for riders who want their machines to be BIGGER and BADDER than others. This all-terrain tire provides the added ground clearance you are looking for. In addition, the angled tread and dimpled side walls enhance the grip allowing you to go places others cannot.
For increased puncture resistance, the Dominator is a heavy-duty 6-Ply tire. Whether you are on the trails, rocks, mud, or water you want the security that you tire will get you through the toughest terrain you can find and back.
* 1" Tread Depth
* 6 Ply Tire
* Dimpled Side Wall for Extreme Grip



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